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Netsell offers web hosting and design, email services including in/outgoing virus checking, anti-spam features and a web interface, ftp and dns services. Webserver features: IIS7 with ASP.Net, FrontPage2003, PHP5, MySQL4 and PhpBB. We also offer LAMP services too (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

We can also take care of your local network needs, from building and maintaining your entire network with Microsoft Windows 2003/08 Servers and XP Pro/Win 7 and Office 2003/10 on the desktop.

*NEW* We now offer Domain Name Registration services

*NEW* We now offer Online Backup services

Netsell Email Client/Server Setup
Netsell Web Mail Server (use your full email address for the user name)

Take a look at some of the businesses already with us:

Doug Wilde
Lakeshore Yacht Club
Go Mini's

Sally Hewson
Chris Steer Insurance
Midtown Storage
Smith Training

Come To Toronto
Network Electric
Jack Flash Signs
De Sentino
Hudson Movers
Paradigm Medical
Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada
Cahmac Machinery
Armstrong Movers
Armstrong International
HCC of Canada
DAHB Music
Elephant Entertainment Inc


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